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Cloud Services

Confused by the cloud? We aren’t. At Cyber-comm Technologies, we are southern central Pennsylvanias cloud services experts. We take the hype and turn it into reality.

Whether your systems are on-premise, co-located, in a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment, Cyber-comm Technologies understands the IT requirements imposed on businesses from a security, regulatory, and financial perspective. We customize solutions to create secure, high-performing, cost-effective cloud infrastructure, virtual desktop, or clould-based storage solution environments.

Cyber-comm Technologies can help you sort through the clutter, choose and implement the right cloud services for your business, and ensure your ongoing success. Providing the best cloud services Pennsylvania has to offer, we monitor and maintain your infrastructure wherever it is, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Solution

Your Challenge

How can I use IT to improve my business?
How do I take advantage of the cloud? How do I get there?
How can I centralize my data? How can I ensure business continuity?
How can I protect my data and systems from external threats?
Something has gone wrong. How do we get back to normal as quickly as possible?
What systems and technologies should we be purchasing?
How do I upgrade my systems and architecture?

1. Cloud Assessments: Our Cloud services assessment process starts with understanding your business needs. We then help you identify which components should move to the cloud and why. We analyze long-term costs, privacy, availability, scalability, and user experience.

2. VDIcloud Infrastructure as a Service : Let us provide your infrastructure through VDI Net Solutions VDIcloud Service. VDIcloud is built utilizing highly resilient and scalable infrastructure, using best-of-breed hardware and software manufacturers. VDIcloud is cost effective for those companies looking to reduce both their costs and their on-premise hardware footprint, using a “pay as you grow” infrastructure expansion model.

4. Email Security Service: For companies who keep their email hosting on-premise, using a cloud-based email security service makes a lot of sense. We provide encryption, archiving, protection, and continuity.

5. Device CONTROL: We have combined cutting edge technologies to create Device CONTROL giving you complete transparency into your mobile workforce. Quickly have full clarity into what mobile devices (phones and tablets) are connected to your network and who owns them. Control permissions rules and access from one module, giving you a single pane of glass to have complete control over your mobile devices.

6. Disk Based and Online Backup : Our Disk Based and Online Backup solution provides local backup with server virtualization, combined with cloud-based global backup, to create a redundant, powerful backup solution at a compelling price point. We offer this product “as a service” to reduce costs and create a “pay as you grow” model, making best-in-class disaster recovery and business continuity available for organizations of any size.

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