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IT Security Services

With the explosion in malware, rootkits, spam emails, viruses, botnets, and all other methods for nefarious hacking attempts, it is more important than ever to secure your organization’s network and data.

Cyber-comm Technologies has a background in enterprise-level security practices and procedures that are well designed to protect your assets, data, employee identities, and intellectual property. We know how to implement a heuristic security approach, review firewall and router logs, implement VPN technology for remote users, architect a DMZ on the network, and much more. Whether you’re currently experiencing the pain of an attack or if you would simply like your network’s security tested, Digerati Group can assist you in remaining safe in a technologically dangerous world.

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How can I use IT to improve my business?
How do I take advantage of the cloud? How do I get there?
How can I centralize my data? How can I ensure business continuity?
How can I protect my data and systems from external threats?
Something has gone wrong. How do we get back to normal as quickly as possible?
What systems and technologies should we be purchasing?
How do I upgrade my systems and architecture?

1.Proactive Protection for Endpoints:More and more new threats of spyware, viruses, and other malicious malware are evolving daily and are becoming increasingly damaging. Spam, rootkits, phishing, web threats, and hackers can steal your valuable data, and — more importantly — your employee’s productivity. Without constant application and security patch updates, vulnerabilities are exposed and the network is open and easily breached. Therefore, keeping your business adequately protected against known and unknown threats requires a comprehensive approach. Security Suite & Patch Management is a single, integrated solution that safeguards your network, including remote users and delivers peace of mind.

2. Advanced Threat Protection: Companies worldwide have become increasingly dependent upon technology to run critical business operations. Therefore, frequent virus attacks and the speed with which malware can be released, has created serious downtime and security issues. In fact, according to recent malware statistics released by KSN and, the most prevalent malware infects over 194,000 machines. More alarming is that over 1.5 million new malware programs are published every month, and are most typically contracted during legitimate business use. These can include dangerous rootkits, trojans, downloaders, worms, adware and spyware. This malicious software can result in browser hijacking, redirection of search attempts, endless pop-up ads, and unstable PC performance to the point of being unusable. Even worse, critical data and financial information can be stolen.

3. Simple, Seamless, Secure: Utilizing a combination of enterprise class anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions, along with the constant monitoring and management by Cyber-comm Technologies’ engineers, Support+ Security Suite & Patch Management provides a comprehensive and effective safeguard against these threats. We provide a proactive, real-time threat protection approach, as well as monitor the proper application and security patching.

3. Comprehensive Protection: This multi-layered, proactive approach significantly lowers risks and gives you the confidence that your business assets and network are protected. Whether the attack is coming from a malicious insider or is externally motivated, endpoints will be protected. Cyber-comm Technologies increases protection, helps lower your total cost of ownership by reducing administrative overhead and costs associated with outbreaks, as well as minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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