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Xera POS System

Restaurant POS PA

Intuitive & Robust Software

“Next Generation Advanced Restaurant POS  System with superior 24/7 Technical Support“.

⦁ Get a top level view with robust reporting
⦁ Utilize countless time and money saving features
⦁ Take advantage of streamleaned operations
⦁ Benefit from advanced software
⦁ Staff Profile & Permissions
⦁ Theft Prevention
⦁ Staff Clock-in/out

Cutting Edge Technology

Unified “Real” Touch Design

Completely Flexible Modifiers

Amazing Order Routing Support

Clickable Smart Check

Unparalleled Order Entry Support

Offline Credit Card Processing

Customizable Menu Panels

Seamless POS Device Control

Unparalleled Simplicity, Flexability & Capability like no other

Powerful Labor Control
Amazing Reporting
Flexible License Options
Unmatched POS Flexibility
Simple Point of Sale
Floor Management
Maximum Reliability
Cloud Convenience
On Demand Reports

Xera Restaurant POS Screenshots

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A Restaurant POS System with Smart Features
Flexible & Powerful Restaurant POS Systems in Harrisburg Pa, Ideal for all Restaurants

Tip Pools
XERA Restaurant POS Systems has a TIP POOL module built into the software the will help to manage the tip pools for the restaurant or bar. Multiple tip pools can be established and various amounts tracked.
Workforce Management
Set Minimum, Optimal and Maximum hours per shift, Overtime and Holiday pay rates
Show breaks and lunches taken on payroll report.
Clock in/out grace periods,Force Clock in to POS
Enable reminders for breaks and lunches
Auto Clock out employees at end of shift and add minutes to allow for paperwork duties,Auto clock out all employees at the end of the day.
Break reminders on POS Employees
Allow early/late clock in to assume schedule time,early clock in with delayed approval
Force breaks after “?” hours worked,Breaks can be paid or unpaid
Advanced Printer Routing
Routing by Day of the Week
“Follow me” Printing
Kitchen Display System and Printers Used Simultaneously
Advance Hold Options
Load Balancing
Delivery Management System
Caller ID -Taking Calls and looking up customer
Customer Profile- Complete Customer information with their entire order history
Order Tracking- Previous Orders as easily duplicated, modified or new orders taken.
Order Dispatch- Either use a dedicated dispatcher or allow drivers to self-dispatch
Active Mapping- Use Mobile mapping software to guide drivers from one delivery to the next.Also notify the customer that their order is En Route.
Advanced Hold and Fire
Manual Hold and Fire
Timed Hold and Fire
Automatic Early release Based on Prep Times
With XERa Restaurant POS Systems there are no limits on:
Number of items, modifiers modifier groups, modifier templates, modifier actions, number of terminals and devices, number of terminal routing, number of addresses, postal codes, matrix es, departments, categories, subcategories, employees, job titles, pay rates, tip pools, security roles, discounts, surcharges, void reasons, budgets, schedules, and more